Build your ideal programmatic stack

One API call.
Thousands of possibilities.

100% neutral auctions
We don't own demand
Robust filtering
Requests by geo and more
Partner toggling
Easily toggle demand sources
Creative controls
Manual controls and restrictions

Control every aspect of your monetization

Relay acts as a layer between your ad server and your demand partners, giving you more control over who wins what and why.

Why use Relay to manage your demand partners?

Server-side auctions
Direct DSP integrations
Easy demand toggling
Kevel Relay
Kevel Relay
Creative controls
Robust filtering
Complete transparency

Powering a Programmatic Revolution Through APIs

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Leverage the first neutral mediation layer in DOOH

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Transparent pricing without a revenue share

We're not another middleman looking to take a cut of your revenue. Simple usage-based costs no matter your CPMs.

Case Study

Blockthrough builds server-side header bidding stack using Relay’s APIs

Blockthrough’s server-side solution enabled them to scale demand without taxing user experience and unlock incremental revenue.
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Want to build your ideal programmatic stack?
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