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Sponsored Listings

Promote sponsored products, features search results, or personalized content
Target by search term, geography, first-party data, and more
Create something like Edmunds.
Kevel Ad Formats Sponsored Listings


Create seamless promoted posts and amazing homepage takeovers
Server-side ads specifically for your site and without the load times
Create something like Wetransfer.
Kevel Ad Formats Personalized


Integrate contextual targeting so that ads are relevant to their surrounding content
Ads load at the same time as your organic content, creating a user friendly experience
Create something like Klarna.
Kevel Ad Formats Native Ad


Engaging video content leading to higher CPM rates
Granular video reporting (view rates, length, etc)
Create something like Wattpad.
Kevel Ad Formats Vide


Personalize email ads with your first-party data
Create something like Momentum Media, MultiView, or Paved.
Kevel Ad Formats Email


Power in-store signage, billboards, and connected displays
Target by geography, weather, time-of-day, and more
Create something like TouchTunes.
Kevel Ad Formats Vide

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